Fascinated by the world's oldest languages and their poetry.

Have been teaching undergraduates at UChicago for about 5 years and will continue to do so as a Humanities Teaching Fellow. Received my PhD in Comparative Literature, an MA in Classics from UChicago. BA Hons in English from Trinity College Dublin.

My work centers on Greece, Mesopotamia, Iran, and India. I take novel theoretical approaches to the most ancient literature from these regions, often emphasizing questions of class and power structures, affect and social emotions, the reception of literary works in later texts or artworks.

I am available for language work in Greek & Latin, as well as more specialized work in Mesopotamian and Indic languages. I also teach poetry and literature more broadly in translation (from areas listed above but also including modern Romance Languages). Would be happy to set up small reading groups focusing on specific texts in original or translation.

Available (seasonally) for on-site tours, or assistance with planning trips to Italy or Greece.

Please take a look at my website!

$80 /hour
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$80 /hour

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