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Resource | YouTube


A YouTube channel dedicated to etymology, centred around the history of English language but exploring near and distant connections with other languages.

Resource | YouTube

Crash Course Linguistics

A Youtube series covering the contents of an introductory linguistics course in video form.

Resource | Textbook

Essentials of Linguistics

An open access textbook covering the core areas of theoretical linguistics, with special attention paid to Canadian English.

Resource | Podcast


A fun and friendly introduction to topics in linguistics in podcast form. Hosted by Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne.

Resource | Website

MIT Linguistics and Philosophy OpenCourseWare

Free course materials for courses offered by MIT's department of Linguistics and Philosophy.

Resource | Substack

Mutual Intelligibility

An extensive curated list of online resources for introductory topics in linguistics.

Resource | Podcast

The Endless Knot Podcast

A podcast exploring the connections between language, history, and the cognitive sciences, hosted by a medievalist/philologist and a classicist and featuring lots of guests from d

Resource | Textbook

The NLTK Book

A very beginner-friendly introduction to using the NLTK package for natural language processing in Python. The book doesn't presuppose Python/programming knowledge.

Resource | Textbook

The Syntax of Natural Language: An Online Introduction

An online textbook from 2007 which serves as an introduction to generative syntax.

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