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literature (+9 more) | PhDAvailable

Claudio Sansone

$80 /hour
Fascinated by the world's oldest languages and their poetry.
yiddish | OtherAvailable

Gustavo Emos

$50 /hour
Brazilian polyglot, fluent in English, German, Yiddish, Hebrew, Spanish and currently conquering Ladino.
latin | OtherAvailable

Hugh McElroy

$100 /hour
I've worked for over two decades teaching Latin in schools and have developed engaging Latin curricular materials that go beyond the standard Latin program fare.
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latin | Live

Extensive Reading: The Aethiopica books 1-5

$200 Starts 13 Jan, 2022

This is an ambitious reading course for those wanting to improve their Latin through extensive reading of a long (approximately 25000 words) Latin text.

latin | Live

Fabulae Mythicae: Introductory Latin B

$100 Starts 8 Feb, 2022

In this course we continue to build reading skill in Latin through an introduction to the Olympian gods.

latin | Live

Fabulae Mythicae: an Introduction to Latin through Geography and Mythology

$100 Starts 11 Jan, 2022

This course introduces students to the basics of reading Latin.

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