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A Latin Macronizer

Handy resource for anyone experimenting with reading or writing Latin poetry. This digital tool marks all the long vowels in a text, allowing quicker and easier understanding of t

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An Introduction to Greek and Latin Metre

Videos covering every major Greek and Latin meter. Disclaimer: I haven’t actually used this, but I can’t imagine it’s less helpful than the approach I did use, which was sitting a

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Antigone Open Access Directory

A truly extensive list of free resources for studying the classical world.

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Dickinson College Commentaries

Greek and Latin texts selected and annotated for intermediate students, as well as audio recordings of some texts and useful maps. Also check out the Core Vocabularies and the dig

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Digital Maps of the Ancient World

Fantastic resources on ancient maps, mythology and even dedicated languages sections with resources for grammar and vocabulary for the various UK examination boards.

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This passion project by Bill Thayer has an extraordinary array of digitized Greek and Latin texts and translations (especially historians and historical sources), reference works,

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Simple Latin stories, intermediate texts broken down for easy reading, and some fun and games (including Bella Stellaria – Star Wars!), all entertainingly illustrated with Lego fi

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Open Latin

A collection of free resources for the Latin Language, including lots of public domain educational texts.

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A huge collection of digitized Greek and Latin texts, including translations, commentaries, and easy dictionary lookup by clicking on any word. Almost all major classical texts ar

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In addition to hosting a forum for classical language learners, the Textkit website links to a valuable array of public-domain textbooks available online through Some

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The Latin Library

It has lots of texts, including early and post-classical Latin, even down to some contemporary compositions.

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Whitaker's Words

Somewhat superseded by Perseus’ digitization of the standard Latin dictionary (Lewis and Short), this is still a useful resource for quick lookups and English-to-Latin dictionary

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