In Fabulae Mythicae A-B, students learn the basics of the Latin language through readings about geography and mythology and structured conversations in Latin. This is an excellent introduction to anyone wanting to start learning Latin from the beginning. It is also great for anyone wanting to brush up their rusty Latin or take early steps into communicative/active Latin. We will read about the geography of the Mediterranean and the lands that surround it and read Greek and Roman myths about the origins of the world and of the gods. We will employ communicative approaches, engaging in scaffolded conversations and listening activities. Those who want a “taster” of what the class is like may sign up for the first four sessions of the class separately.

Thursdays 8:30-9:30 PM EST (This class will NOT meet Thursday April 14)

8 sessions beginning March 31, 2022

$200 /person

Offered by
Hugh McElroy
I've worked for over two decades teaching Latin in schools and have developed engaging Latin curricular materials that go beyond the standard Latin program fare.

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