Brazilian polyglot, fluent in English, German, Yiddish, Hebrew, Spanish and currently conquering Ladino.

Gustavo is an undergraduate student in literature at the University of São Paulo and a language learning enthusiast. He is active in the Yiddish scene in the city. He volunteers at the Jewish Museum of São Paulo, organizing expositions, cataloging, and translating. He takes part in reading and translation circles. Since April 2020, he has worked as a private Yiddish teacher. Over the course of a year, he and Reb Noyekh created hundreds of hours of original Yiddish content on Youtube. He also taught several courses at He has taught since March 2021 in the project “Viver com Ídiche” at The Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. He began teaching in August 2021 at the IWO Buenos Aires.

$50 /hour
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$50 /hour

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