For instructors

What do I need to do to be listed?

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, all you need to do is fill out the application form here. Let us know what your areas of expertise are and what subjects you would be willing to teach. Once we have reviewed your information, we will get back to you with a more detailed form so that we can set your profile up on the site.

Who can be listed as an instructor?

Anyone with an advanced graduate degree (Masters, PhD, Fellowship, etc.) or anyone with significant experience in an academic subject area.

What kind of courses can I list?

You may list any courses you already have on any platform you use. The only requirement is that it be on an academic topic and at a post-secondary level.

You can teach what you know in whatever format you wish, and your students should be allowed to tailor their learning journey with you.

Does Altminster charge commissions and fees?

No. Altminster only charges a flat fee to show your instructor or course listing for a specified period of time - like a job board would. Unless Altminster has taken an active part in the creation of your course or is hosting your course on a future video learning platform, Altminster does not take any cut or fee.

How much should I charge?

What you charge as an instructor is left at your discretion. You should take into account your level of expertise, years of experience and geographical location. We encourage you to charge what you decide is fair compensation for your time. We encourage you to use other instructor fees as a reference, but keep in mind that all instructors are different. Since all instruction will be coordinated directly between you and your student, you are both responsible for negotiating the price, mode and details of your sessions.

For learners

How much does Altminster cost?

If you are a learner, it costs nothing at all. Altminster will not charge you for using the platform in any way.

Can I pay instructors I meet on Altminster to do my homework?

Most definitely not. Instructors will play the role of subject leaders, guiding you through the topics you wish to learn in order to create an interesting, high-quality learning experience. Instructors are not there to provide test answers, do homework or edit essays. Altminster does not endorse academic misconduct in any way.

General questions

What is Altminster’s target audience?

Our target audience is made up of any adult with a thirst for learning. They do not have to be enrolled students at a university. They do not need to be training for a programme or exam. They can simply be pursuing a personal interest at an in-depth level.

What subjects are taught at Altminster?

Altminster was born to be the home of online liberal arts education. As such, we include the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. We welcome instructors and courses on biology, ecology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, mathematics, statistics, computer science, philosophy, history, anthropology, economics, linguistics, languages, political science, psychology, sociology, fine arts, music, literature, performing arts, heritage conservation, etc.

What does Altminster do?

Altminster is a service that connects students to instructors. We provide free, curated resources for students to get reliable information on various topics for the liberal arts. We market the platform, along with all instructors and courses on it.

Altminster is not currently a teaching platform. That is to say, it does not host courses directly.

Does Altminster run background checks on instructors?

No. Altminster does not run background checks on instructors. We also do not endorse instruction for underage minors and do not target high school students. Learners should be consenting adults capable of negotiating instruction prices and conditions directly with their instructors. Altminster does not mediate these discussions beyond making the initial introductions and cannot take responsibility for third-party behaviour. Please read our Terms of Service for more information.

Is a given course, resource, or instructor affiliated with Altminster?

Unless specifically stated in the listing, no course, resource, or instructor appearing on Altminster is formally affiliated with Altminster.

Does Altminster grant degrees?

No, Altminster is not a degree-granting institution.

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