In June 2020 I decided to start teaching philosophy online. 10 months later I've now had +250 participants from +30 countries. How did I do that?

It all started when I quit my academic job in May 2020; I wrote about it here, explaining how I ended up becoming a freelancer.

A year ago I wouldn't have thought I could be making a living from online courses. While the pandemic might have influenced a lot in the change of people's mindset, paving the way for an 'acceptance' of online teaching, I think this is here to stay.

In this video course, I will show you how I was able to make a living by teaching online as a freelancer, and what I learned along the way including the mistakes I did, and what I could have perhaps done better. And I will show you that if you want to venture into the digital world, you too can teach online irrespective of your background, experience, skills or subject of interest.

This course might also be helpful for those who are thinking about launching an online business.


  • Outline - 0:00
  • Intro (My story) - 1:31
  • Revenue/Costs - 07:12
  • How it all started - 11:26
  • Where to start? Just do it! - 14:04
  • Credibility and audience - 20:27
  • Some observations 10 months in - 31:21
  • Getting started: First things first - 38:24
  • Platform options - 43:39
  • Tools you might or might not need - 52:16
  • Tinkering - 61:17
  • Once you get started, what next? - 68:06
  • Challenges - 77:18
  • Academia vs the real world - 82:37
  • What not to do - 85:43
  • Recap: You too can teach online - 94:51

Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes.


"Want to teach online courses? Buy @Decafquest's course and save many hours of figuring out stuff by yourselves. Multiply those hours by your hourly rate, deduct the price, and revel in your profits! On top of that, the course works very motivationally. Go get it and start teaching!" - Anne Albert (@Anne_Albert)

$1+ /person

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